Problems and Instructors

  1. Francesco Cordoni, (University of Trento, IT) – Machine Learning and Deep Learning models for modeling and predicting radiation-induced DNA damages in radiotherapy
  2. Idoia Cortes-Garcia, (TU Eindhoven, NL) – Modelling and simulation of magnetic levitation.
  3. Matthias Ehrhardt (Wuppertal University, DE) – Mathematical modelling to predict COVID-19 dynamics
  4. Michele Ginesi (University of Verona, IT) – Trajectory Learning via Stable Dynamical Systems
  5. Thomas Goetz (University of Koblenz-Landau, DE) – Influence of human mobility on the dynamics of COVID-spread
  6. Elisa Iacomini (RTWH Aachen, DE) – Impact of stop and go waves in vehicular traffic
  7. Ismael Medina & Olga Minevich (University of Goettingen, DE) – Optimization of renewable energy plant locations
  8. Giovanni Poccobelli (REVO, IT) – Time-space optimization of risk concentration for rainfall parametric insurance policies
  9. Andrea Di Luca, Marcus Vukojevic, Andrea Turso (Niris, IT) – Deep Learning for Modeling Filamentous Sludge Bulking
  10. Marek Skarupski (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, PL) – How to win a horse?