Modelling and Simulation of Magnetic Levitation

In magnetic levitation, magnetic fields are used to levitate an object by counteracting the gravitational forces. This can be done by means of using permanent magnets, which require additional control to stabilize the system and keep the suspended object in place. Alternatively, time-varying magnetic fields can be used, which induce currents within a conducting object. These currents cause an opposing, repulsing, magnetic field which leads to the levitation of that object.

The aim of this project is to model and simulate the electrodynamic levitation of an aluminum plate induced by two cylindrical coils.

(Useful) Background: partial differential equations, vector calculus, finite element method, programming skills

Instructor: Idoia Cortes Garcia (TU Eindhoven, NL).


  • Valentina Viscovich, University of Milano
  • Joona Kareinen, LUT University
  • Sara Avesani, University of Verona
  • Truong Hoang Nhan Pham, University of Verona
  • Alberto Ambrosi, University of Verona


Room SMT09, Veronetta – Santa Marta, Via Cantarane 24, 37129 Verona